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Have you considered ‘stacking’ your tweakments?

By Georgia Seago
28th April 2022

One of the great things about tweakments is that you don’t have to do them one by one. In fact, a lot of practitioners are keen on layering (or ‘stacking’, as we like to call it) tweakments as part of a holistic approach to helping patients achieve their aesthetic goals while maximising their time in clinic. Because tweakments are non-invasive and work at varying levels of the facial anatomy, many treatments can safely be combined in one appointment and can even enhance the benefits of one another.

Who should do tweakment stacking?

Tweakment stacking is probably best suited to the experienced patient – if you’re new to aesthetic treatments, take it slow to begin with and don’t do too much at once. “I would advise to start the tweakment journey slowly, in a step-by-step manner, guided by an experienced practitioner,” says Dr Aggie Zatonska, founder of The Atelier Clinic in Egham, Surrey. “However, as my patients get familiar with the treatments, I am frequently asked to combine the sessions. Stacking treatments, or combination therapy, is a popular choice in my clinic. Patients love it as it saves their time, delivering the desired results faster. We are all very busy these days!”

Combining tweakments makes sense, because how many of us have just one lone concern we’d like sorting? Usually, the ageing process dictates that one thing leads to another – someone with jowls probably also has excess fat under the chin; if you have frown lines, you probably also have horizontal forehead wrinkles; a lot of pigmentation from sun damage often goes hand in hand with rough, irregular skin texture. Dr Zatonska agrees: “I rarely see a patient with only a single concern – ageing is a complex process, there isn’t a simple way to manage it,” she says. “In my opinion, the best way to tackle multiple problems and achieve natural results is to approach the concerns from multiple angles. Also, some treatments have a synergistic effect.”

A great practitioner will look at their patient holistically, listening to all their concerns and thinking about the face – and, crucially, its anatomy – as a whole, rather than individual parts to be tweaked. “To create a tailored treatment, the skin, soft tissues and bone structure need to be carefully analysed. We use an Opatra facial analysis device to look deeply into the skin. We then create an individualised treatment plan that sometimes allows me to address multiple patient concerns during a single treatment session,” says Dr Zatonska.

HydraFacial treatment

Face stacking

Dr Benji Dhillon, cosmetic surgeon and co-founder of Define Clinic in Beaconsfield, is a fan of combining facials to boost patients’ skin before injectables or energy-based treatments. “We’ll commonly perform a facial, such as the Byonik facial [a cold pulse-triggered laser that adapts its frequency to your pulse, releasing energy into the skin with every heartbeat], followed by injectables, as you often see the results of the facial immediately, while the injectables may take two or three weeks to show optimum results,” he says.

If he’s treating a patient for pigmentation, broken blood vessels or rosacea with a laser treatment, Dr Dhillon will often use a facial to prepare the skin and improve the results of the laser. “This also works well with PRP treatments – preparation of the skin can help improve the outcomes associated with the procedure,” he adds.

“Treatment stacking is what I have been doing for over 12 years at my skin clinic, and how I built a good reputation,” says leading facialist and laser expert Debbie Thomas. “It’s multi-tasking, time-saving and people love it. Our bespoke treatments always incorporate several different modalities that we tailor to each person each time. If you’re looking to try tweakments tacking, the key thing is to go to someone who knows what can safely be combined/stacked — and that’s something that requires years of experience using all the different machines, products and technologies out there.”

Many clinics take different standalone technologies and combine them together in one all-singing-all-dancing treatment – often a signature treatment that works out cheaper for the patient than having each element separately and is done within the same sitting. Dr Zatonska’s clinic offers HydraDerm – “a combination of HydraFacial, Forma radiofrequency and Dermalux LED” to address multiple concerns at once, or, for patients looking to leave the clinic transformed (in a good way), “I often combine IPL, peels, wrinkle-relaxing injections and Profhilo for the ultimate skin glow,” says Dr Zatonska.

Body stacking

It’s not just the face that can benefit from tweakment stacking. Patients who are after a tightening and toning body rejuvenation can kick-start their journey in one session with Dr Zatonska. “EMSculpt Neo is a combination treatment for the body, merging HIFEM (high-intensity focused electromagnetic) technology and radiofrequency. We combine it further with Profhilo body,” she says. This means crepey, sagging skin is addressed at the same time as muscles are toned and fat is reduced. Patients still need multiple sessions of both treatments, but combining them into fewer clinic appointments cuts down the time it takes to reveal a non-surgical, full-body makeover.

Before you go asking your practitioner to do everything at once, remember that consultation and assessment are absolutely key to achieving the outcomes you’re looking for, and to achieve them safely. “I wouldn’t advise new patients to start their aesthetic journey with multiple combined treatments,” Dr Zatonska reiterates. “It is best to wait and see how your body responds to individual treatments first, before moving to more advanced and complex treatments. My recommendation is to find an experienced practitioner for guidance.” And you can do just that by using our practitioner finder to find someone near you who we’d trust with our own faces.



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