Holiday pedicure: the easy way out

In the run-up to a holiday, it always seems there will be plenty of time to get everything together in time; the right clothes, the edited make-up bag etc – and the pre-holiday pedicure. 

And then, suddenly, it’s a few days until you go and there’s work to be cleared and domestic admin to arrange and leaving the house for an hour or so just to get my toes prettified really did not look like a sensible option. And while I know perfectly well that I can paint my own toenails and do so most of the year, and while my toenails aren’t usually in bad shape thanks to a reasonably regular Margaret-Dabbs-medi-pedi habit, I also know that any professional pedi will outlast whatever I can do for myself at home by a good fortnight. Something to do with the time and care taken over application, I suspect but there it is. 

So three cheers for the mobile beauty services who can be booked via an app and will send someone round in the evening (or the morning, or to your office, whatever you want). I’ve used Perfect10 in the past and they’re great; this time, I was offered a treatment by CitySwish, who I hadn’t tried before, but they quickly fixed up to send round the lovely Catherine who within 45 minutes had soaked my feet, neatened the nails, despatched all the dead skin off the soles, massaged all the tight bits into submission and painted the nails so beautifully that they’re still looking great a week later (pic, above). For £35, I’d call that an absolute bargain. Would I use them again? Certainly – it’s hard to find such a good pedi at such a good price in central London, let alone without the hassle of travelling or paying for parking. And they do massages and blow drying and all sort of other beauty treatments as well… 

Cityswish, classic pedicure, £35