Here's hope: unlikely-sounding, but a great bodywash

What is it? Australia’s No 1 natural skincare range  

What’s the USP? A brand built on high quality, unadulterated natural ingredients that is also committed to building awareness of these natural products among beauty-buyers

Hero products The Intensive Dry Skin Rescue cream, £16.20, developed by a naturopath as a petrochemical-free alternative for calming eczema and psoriasis. 

Why the name? Because it’s founded by naturopath Jacqueline Hope, to bring relief to those who suffer from extra-dry skin.

How new is it? It’s been over here for nearly a year, so new-ish.

I’d try…? Goat’s Milk Body Wash (£11.40, www.hopes-relief.com) which has raised a few eyebrows of concern in this family. “Will it make me smell like an old goat?’ asked one wit. No, it won’t and in fact it’s great at dispensing with goaty odours. It smells light and citrussy (though there is a definite tang of old milk in there somewhere, unless it’s just in my over-imaginative nose), it foams up nicely and its eco credentials leave your conscience clean, too.