Pink Gold: House of Thara

What is it?   Super-premium niche fragrance from a very unusual brand, founded by Dawn Boyle, who spent 25 years in finance, working in investment banking in the 80s and latterly at the Dragon Group, an independent mining venture capital team. (House of Thara is part of the Dragon Group).


Hero product? The Pink Gold fragrance (£230 for 100ml), which describes itself as warm and coppery and deeply feminine, with Turkish roses, Royal oud and a heart of Amber. 


Why the name? Thara is an old Arabic word meaning wealth and luxury, so it sits well with the Dragon Group’s history in mining and interest in exotic perfume. 

How new is it? Launched last year. 

I’d keep an eye out for… the hair serum that the brand will soon be launching, which will cost £70 and will doubtless be another creme-de-la-creme product.