Mud therapy: Hungary Mud (and its their lovely pic)

What is it?  A foil pouch of finely milled dry mud, to be mixed up in water and used… as a bath soak, or a poultice for stiff joints, or as a face mask. 

What’s the USP?  Not just any old mud; this is authentic, certified-for-its-curative powers Hungarian mud, rich in minerals and famously used in the medicinal spas of Budapest for over a century. It’s also known as Kolop mud, after the area where it is excavated. 


How new is it? Launched in the UK a year or two ago. £20 a pack, which I can see will last for ages, at    

I’d have a play… and see how you like it best. A couple of spoonfuls in the bath makes for a mineralising, relaxing soak; mixed into hot water for a hot-mud-pack, it helps increase blood flow through tight muscles. I mixed it up in warm water and spread it around my face –   a much less messy operation than it sounds – until it dried, then rinsed it off. It came off cleanly and easily and left my skin feeling fab – all smooth and serene. I’m told it’s great for livening up a post-party, morning-after-the-night-complexion, and can well believe it.