Sleeping your way to better skin.


Can a pillow case really change the look of your skin in just 4 weeks?

That’s the amazing claim the Pond’s Institute are making about its new pillow case, which accompanies the Illuminage skincare range.  It’s polyester fibres are embedded with copper oxide which release copper ions onto your skin as you sleep, to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

If, like most people, you sleep on your side, you may already know that squashing your face into a cotton pillow case for hours at a time does nothing for it, beauty-wise (the cotton happily absorbs moisture from your skin and wedging your face into its folds helps embed wrinkles in the skin). Silk pillows have long been popular for high-maintenance beauties because skin glides more lightly over them, as does hair, so you’ll emerge from bed less ruffled-up in the morning.

And now, a pillow case with copper-oxide, eh? What is particularly enticing about this product is that it comes with scientific backup: it has been clinically proven (in four independent, controlled, double-blind trials) to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in as little as four weeks, and to have a continuing effect over time.

I’m happy to give most things a whirl but having been on a testing programme for yet another magic new potion, have had to hold off from trying this in case it skewed the results (you never know). I’ve tried silk pillow slips in the past and loved them but inevitably in the chaos of family life, they end up getting into a hot wash and fall to bits before their time. But the Illuminage one is made of tougher stuff – polyester — and, even better, the copper oxide is embedded into the fabric at a cellular level, so I’m told the beneficial effects will carry on indefinitely – they won’t get washed out after a few months.

If you’re tempted to try it, you’ll find it at Space NK for £50.