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Introducing… skincare bundles! Now available in the TTG shop

By Alice Hart-Davis
24th November 2020

If you’ve had a look around the website recently, you’ll have seen that the shop is now full of my favourite, hard-working ‘cosmeceutical’ skincare products, the ones that I know from experience will really give you the results you’re looking for. But, lots of people have asked, how do you put them together into a regime for oily, or sensitive, or dry skin? Enter, the skincare bundles!

What are the skincare bundles?

These are curated set of products that will help you towards your skincare goals, whether you’re looking to boost radiance, soften wrinkles, manage acne or just make your skin more agreeable and less of a problem to live with.

Each full bundle includes a cleanser, a treatment serum, a hydrating serum or moisturiser, a night product and of course a sunscreen (as if I’d let you get away without one!) that is right for your skin type or concern.  I’ve made a video for each bundle, too, to explain why each of the products is in there, what they will do for you, and why I love them.


There are mini-bundles too

Most of these bundles also comes in a mini version with just the key products, for those who want to add to an existing regime, or if you are just interested in trying out cosmeceuticals, as I know they can be a bit pricey.

Each bundle is also priced at a discount to the combined price and, as an added bonus, the first 10 purchases made of these bundles will include a free iS Clinical gift set, which includes minis of some of their hero products (the Cleansing Complex, Extreme Protect, the Active Serum, the Super Serum and Hydra Cool).


Where are these bundles?

All the bundles are over on the shop (you can find it from the home page, or click here to hop over to TheTweakmentsGuide.com/shop

If you want to catch the latest updates on bundles, and any offers we are running, all the details will be on @thetweakmentsguideshop on Instagram. Let me know which bundle is calling to you!



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