Futuristic Pharaoh-style face masks: Jamela

What is it?   It’s an all-natural anti-ageing range of hyaluronic-acid-enriched face masks, that increase the skin’s moisture saturation level by up to 92 per cent (and already a celeb favourite, we’re told). The range consists of 24k gold collagen masks for the face, eyes, neck, breasts and lips including eight varieties of facial masks depending on what your skin needs, seven overnight sleeping gel masks (yes, a bit spooky) and four eye creams.

What’s the USP? A French/Jordanian biochemist performed extensive research into the effects that extreme weather conditions have on the skin. His remit was to produce a luxurious range of anti-ageing skincare that adhered to the code of Halal, thereby not using animal oils nor alcohol. The masks have soya protein and hyaluronic acid which are both hydrating and anti-ageing and help stimulate collage production, improve elasticity and circulation.


Hero product? It’s the 24k Gold Facial Mask (£49.50 for box of 5 masks, jamelaskincare.com) – it’s pretty space-age looking and you might be advised to avoid answering the door while wearing it, but after just 30 minutes you can expect to have lovely hydrated skin and a softening of fine lines.


Why the name? It’s a translation of the Arabic word for beautiful ‘Jameelah’. 

How new is it? 
It launched in the UK in 2012.