The hero Body Serum: Jane Scrivner

What is it?   Spa-style face and body care that’s been available through spa and salons,now branching out into the mainstream. 

What’s the USP?  ‘My philosophy is that I should do the work on formulating fabulous skincare, so that you can be confident in using it,’ says Jane on her website. That means products made with mostly natural, and organic-where-possible, ingredients, each sourced for excellence rather than for value. Uncompromising, in other words. 


Hero product? The Firm Believer Body Serum (£49,  www.janescrivner.com). which describes itself as a ‘therapeutic blend of organic apricot, avocado and jojoba oils that’s good for reviving dry skin and it’s said to be good for ‘toning’, too. 


How new is it? The first products launched in 2010 and the brand is now in the process of relaunching, new packaging and all. 

I’d try… That serum – which is actually an oil, and a very nice one at that. I’ve only dabbled with it so far; what you are meant to do it use it morning and night for a week — dry skin will drink it up greedily —  until your skin reaches a turning point where it feels like satin and stops needing so much serum. A project for May, maybe, when we all finally start to contemplate bare shins and forearms…