Formulated to soothe and protect reactive skin: Kalme

What is it?  Skincare for soothing dry, sensitive, rosacea-prone skin.   

What’s the USP?  Calming and anti-redness ingredients (in particular an extract from capers)along with 24-hour moisturisation abilities, plus an SPF of 25 in the day cream, to cover off all the triggers that worsen rosacea. 


Hero product? Probably the day cream, though the whole set (£39.95 for the kit, www.skinshop.co.uk) works very nicely together – there’s a water-free cleansing cream, and a soothing night cream to go with the day cream. (Add in the tinted moisturiser that is in the picture above, and the kit is £49.95). 


How new is it? Launched at the end of 2012 so not brand new but very deserving of a mention.