by Karen Heath

NEW BRAND: This is a new range of face, body, bath and bedside products, all made with soothing ingredients and designed to encourage a good night’s rest. There are face polishes, face oils, bath blends and bedside pillow sprays, made from pure essential oils and flower essences in fragrance blends including ‘Dream’ (lavender, bergamot, cedar, chamomile) and ‘Glow’ (orange, geranium, myrrh, litsea – and no, I hadn’t heard of that last one either, but Litsea Cubeba turns out to be the proper name for lemony May Chang).  

The brand founder is ex-Saatchi & Saatchi Media Director and Innovation Consultant Jo Foster, and there’s a blog on the website with a useful section on Night-Time Know How for those keen to learn a spot of better ‘sleep hygiene’, as the experts call the whole business of preparing for, and easing into, your nighttime slumbers. The face oils cost £48 and the bath oils are £38 from