Kure Bazaar


Kure-all: Kure Bazaar laquers

What is it?  ‘Eco-trendy’ high-fashion nail lacquers

What’s the USP?  The brand’s ‘good nail philosophy’: the polishes are free from toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate and synthetic camphor and up to 85 per cent of the formula is of natural origin,  and they’re also long-lasting and super-shiny. No, they’re by no means the first ‘free from’ polishes but they nail the current trend (sorry) for looking great while scoring eco-points, too.

Why the name? It combines the ideas of ‘care’ and ‘manicure’

How new is it? Just launched in Selfridges and on www.selfridges.com

I’d try… Cappuccino (£14.95), a gentle, agreeable shade of nude.