No madness, just Method: Lancer

What is it? Grown-up skincare from Rodeo Drive dermatologist-to-the-stars Dr Harold Lancer.  

What’s the USP? A three-step regime known as ‘the Lancer Method’, which involves exfoliating, cleansing and then nourishing (moisturising) the skin with technologically advanced products formulated in different ranges for different skin types.


Hero products? The exfoliator, the cleanser and the nourishing cream, aka moisturiser, that comprise the Method system.


Why the name? After the good doctor himself. If his name sounds familiar, it may be because he has helped celebs like Victoria Beckham get their skin under control, and she has talked freely about how good he is, and about the sheep placenta and nightingale dropping facials that she has tried at his clinic. 

How new is it? Just launched today at Harrods, where it will be available exclusively for the next few months.   

I’d try… Any of it – it’s all beautifully done and the packing is just superb (looks gorgeous, feels satisfactorily heavy in the hand. I know it’s not a fashionable thing to rate it for, but it would pass the luxury test for any celeb’s bathroom shelf). But in terms of products I’m particularly drawn to the Lift serum (an extra step to be used before the Nourish moisturiser) which makes the skin feel firmer on the surface while improving it deeper down, too.