Eye-catching: Laqa & Co's distinctive packaging

What is it?  Fun, quirky lip and nail colours.

What’s the USP?  Quick-and-easy-to-use products. Fab designs on the packaging, too, which are all done by up-and-coming artists who receive a percentage of the profits.  


Hero product? The nail pens: they’re like a pump-to-dispense highlighter pen, but with varnish — the Brooklyn-based founders wanted to make life that

Nifty nail pen: Laqa & Co

little bit easier for the girl-on-the-go (or, indeed, for the woman who is apt to knock over bottles of varnish when they are sitting around on her desk, which is where I always paint my nails). 




Why the name? After the nail pens (£10.20, through the Laqa&Co website) which were the first product. 


Fat lips: the lip pen

How new is it? Soft-launched in the UK earlier this year, now getting more of a PR push which is how I’ve now heard about it.   

I’d try… Those nail pens. I love a good gadget and a bit of novelty and these tick both boxes. They’re not half as high-shine as I was expecting, but  a quick slick of top-coat soon fixes that. The Fat Lip pencils are great, too (I’ll spare you any puns), big chubby twist-up gloss-sticks that don’t need sharpening (who has the time, eh? And don’t you always just lose the sharpener…)