Let’s talk about… Barcode lip lines

Today, I’m talking about barcode lip lines, which are these tiny lines you get around the top lip or lipstick lines, you might call them. But what can you do about them? Because they’re small, but they’re really annoying.

You could try good skincare. Always start with skincare.

Vitamin C serums in the mornings — Those will help strengthen the skin.
A Vitamin A cream at night that will help regenerate the skin and improve the
strength of it, so those lines look less obvious.

In terms of tweakments, you’ll do best with an injectable treatment like Sunekos or Profhilo or Volite. This is one of these injectable moisture treatments. It can be placed all around this area and in the skin; it will hydrate it, so that plumps it out a little bit.

It will also stimulate the growth of new collagen and elastin from inside the skin, so the skin is actually regenerating itself and that will make it stronger and that will make those lines less obvious.

The other thing you can try in this area is a treatment like laser or a heat treatment like Tixel, which will physically tighten the skin. Those treatments will also stimulate new collagen growth.

It’s all about putting that collagen back into the skin to push the wrinkles out from the inside.

Those are the things you might try. There’s more about this on my website. There’s also a downloadable PDF factsheet, so if you want those head over there and take a look.