Let’s talk about… Collagen supplements


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Many of you have asked for more detail about collagen supplements – what they do, how they are meant to work, how much hydrolysed collagen they should contain, the ones I take and all the rest… and now you can find  this – and a free downloadable pdf – right here on my website  – to see the full page on collagen supplements, or to download the pdf, click here.

Why would you want to try collagen supplements? 

As those of you who’ve followed me for a while will know, I am a fan of collagen supplements and have seen and felt the benefits they bring for my hair, skin and nails. I was introduced to them by word of mouth on the beauty circuit years ago, before any companies had any evidence to show that they might really be doing what they claim. 

But I also acknowledge that many people feel strongly that these supplements are a huge waste of money. Many doctors point out that the evidence behind them is flimsy, and I’m saying this here to save those of you who feel the same from filling my DMs with messages pointing this out to me. 

What I say here is just my view – I reckon it’s all about marginal gains when it comes to skin improvement. Eating right, getting enough sleep, reducing stress, using the right skincare – and maybe having the odd tweakment. And supplementation is an interesting extra option. 

So here’s a quick overview, plus an A-Z of the collagen supplements that are on my desk just now from @absolutecollagen and @aethernbeauty via @collagemwellness ingeniousbeauty @skinade @sobodyco and Skinful from @barebiology to @totallyderma and @zeniilondon with an honorary shout-out to @rejuvenatedUK which is missing because one of the team has taken it off to try. 





To see the full page on collagen supplements, or to download the pdf, click here