Let’s talk about… Crow’s Feet Wrinkles

You might call them smile lines, you might call them ‘crow’s feet’, but more to the point, what can you do about them? The skin around the eyes is thin and wrinkles easily, so few of us are going to escape the fine lines that settle in to this area. Good skincare, as ever, is the place to start in order to support and protect your skin – particularly since all the tweakments clinics are shut for the time being. 



Crow’s feet wrinkles, the ones around the side of the eyes when you smile. What can you do about those then? Skincare is good. Skincare will help soften them a bit. If you use vitamin C serum, if you use retinol, if you wear a daily sunscreen to stop the sun damage that’s causing those getting any worse. If you want to soften them, the most obvious thing to do is to get a few injections of wrinkle relaxing toxins. That means Botox or one of the other toxins available which is injected just in a few points around there. It will work after a fortnight and it will carry on working for three or four months so that you just can’t scrunch quite so much. It softens up the whole area and I always find the really interesting thing about having that treatment is nobody ever notices because it’s not half as obvious as if you have suddenly all the movement lines in your forehead knocked out. Nobody really is checking out around this area.
If you don’t fancy injections of toxin, you could try other treatments such as laser or
microneedling or radio-frequency. All of which will strengthen and tighten that skin a bit so it will soften the look of wrinkles. But if you really want to relax those muscles and knock them out, you know what I would suggest.
There’s more about this on my website. There’s a whole fact sheet on crow’s feet wrinkles. So, if you want to look up more, go over there and have a peek.