Let’s talk about… jowls and double chins

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None of us likes the look of a double chin, or saggy jowls. And even if we weren’t born with them, they can creep up on us in mid-life as the skin under the jaw becomes less firm, and the fat pads in the lower face seem to slither from where they’re useful and gather under the chin. Skincare really can’t help here, but there are tweakments that can, both with reducing the bulk of a double chin and in tightening up saggy jowls.

There’s a free factsheet about tweakment options on my website. https://www.thetweakmentsguide.com – the one about double chins is there already, the one about saggy jowls is coming very soon.


And here’s the transcript, if you prefer to read than to watch

Which treatments work for double chins?

If you have a double chin or saggy jowls, you will know that this is a real heart-sink of an issue, but there are things you can do to help, with tweakments. You can either tackle the fat that is providing the bulk under the chin, you can do that with CoolSculpting, that’s fat freezing which actually kills off a lot of the fat, or you could try fat dissolving injections which again, placed very specifically, will dissolve the fat. So that leaves you with less bulk under the jawline. 


Which treatments work for jowls?

If you’ve just got sort of saggy, you could try a thread lift but I would say probably the better way of doing it to tighten up the jawline is to try dermal filler placed in the corner of the jaw here, and in the chin because that strengthens the whole line of the jaw and that disguises the look of the jowls and the double chin that’s under it. 

So, you’ve got a few options there. They’re well worth trying. Have a think about it and take a look on my website. There is a free downloadable factsheet on my website about double chins (the jowls one is coming soon) with all the details on it if this is something you want to think about. 

(And if you are looking for great practitioners, there are plenty of them listed on my site, quick link here.)