Let’s talk about… Large pores

We can all get a bit obsessed about our pores — that they’re too large or too obvious. You can’t get rid of your pores — your skin needs them! — but there is plenty you can do to keep them clean and make them look less obvious; and guess what, tweakments can be really helpful here. Although I would add that you really shouldn’t stress about your pores, they are never as obvious to everyone else as they seem to you.

You can get a few thoughts from the video here, or look over my full, free, downloadable fact sheet with the full range of my suggestions for treating pores. 


Here’s a transcript of the video in case you prefer to read about treating large pores. 

Today I am talking about large pores and what you can do about them. If you’re seeing large pores on your face it’s probably because you’ve got oily skin. The other unfortunate thing about pores is, if you think your pores are getting bigger with age: they are. But of course there are things you can do. I’d start with skincare — I’d always start with skincare — and I’d look for one particular ingredient: salicylic acid. This is an ingredient which can dissolve in oil, allowing it to weasel its way down into the pores and clean them out from the inside. The other ingredient that is really good for pores is retinol, which strengthens the skin.

And then of course there are tweakments that can help. There’s a lot you can do with tweakments for pores. Look for anything that is stimulating collagen growth in the skin, for example microneedling, laser, or fractional radiofrequency to resurface the skin.

You could also have something like a salicylic acid skin peel because that will really get deep down into the pores and muck them out. You could have Botox injected in your pores. This sounds mad, but if it’s done really superficially in the nose, in the forehead, and across the skin, it reduces the oiliness of the skin, which will obviously have a knock on effect on what the pores are producing.

There is more about this on the dedicated page about large pores, there’s also a downloadable PDF if you would like that.