Life NK Japanese Wash Cloth. £18 at

Life NK Japanese Wash Cloth,
£18 at

Japanese wash clothNo, you might not be able to see the point of spending nearly 20 quid on a long, scratchy piece of woven nylon, but next to my body-brush, it’s the longest-serving bit of beauty-kit in my bathroom. Why? Because it does a great job. Put a blob of shower gel on it, lather it up, and away you go, exfoliating as hard or as lightly as you like. Because it’s a long strip of fabric, it is easy to sling across your back and because the fabric is thin, it is easy to rinse out and drip-dries, hanging over the shower-head (and yes, before you ask, I do do the hygienic thing and shove it in the washing machine every now and then)
When I interviewed Nicky Kinnaird last year (about the initiative behind her In Peace fragrance), I told her that my washcloth was five years old and going strong. She was a bit scandalised and kindly sent me a new one, though I’m still rather keen on the old one. I feel we’ve been through a lot together. And also, I’m curious to see just how long it will last…