For instant fabulous brows.

What is it and what’s the USP? It’s a British make-up range specifically created for the mature lady ‘of a certain age’ by 65-year-old Tricia Cusden who wanted to feel confident about her looks and was sick and tired of being ignored by the beauty and cosmetic world. It’s all what she likes to call ‘pro-age’ (rather than ‘anti-aging’) and Tricia has a website with a gallery of inspirational women — no facelifts, Botox and fillers among them, and no models, either — who look amazing with just carefully applied make-up.


What’s the hero procuct? The Fabulous Brow Shape (£20, lookfabulousforever.com) a brow paint with a very fine brush so individual strokes can be used to slowly build up the brow. It’s a little tricky to use and will take lots of practise to get it right but potentially a great product for mature brows that tend to be greying, fading or non-existent. In fact Tricia developed it for her sister-in-law who had lost her brows due to stress.


How new is it? It launched on 11th October this year. 

I’d try…  Whatever you fancy. It’s high time someone paid attention to this specific age group to show you can look great whatever your age.