Organic and luxurious: Lucy Annabella

What is it?  An Irish range of luxury organic skincare and fragrances handmade by Colleen Harte.


What’s the USP?  

Powerful antioxidants from ingredients such as Wild Camellia Japonica, which is prized for its anti-aging properties.


Hero product? Antioxidant Aromatic Body Moisturiser with Lemon & Bergamot (£52,


How new is it? Launched in mid-2012.


I’ve tried… The  Aromatic Body Moisturiser, which is just lovely, with gorgeous packaging, a heavyweight jar, and an intriguing lemony scent. It’s a light cream (rather than, say, a heavier body butter) so it’s easy to spread and apply, is well-absorbed and leaves its delicious, light fragrance behind. Yes, it’s expensive for a body product, but it feels sufficiently luxurious to justify the price — and it would make a great gift.