By Karen Heath


Throw the falsies away - you really won't need them anymore. Trust me! Throw the falsies away – you really won’t need them anymore. Trust me!


I’ve got a problem, the type of problem that will probably make you want to punch me in the face and, you know what,  I wouldn’t blame you as not long ago I would have wanted to do the same thing.

You see my eyelashes have got so long that they bash against my sunglasses and it’s annoying. Really annoying!

This is a rather new problem and all down to a serum I’d heard a lot about but hadn’t tried due to a) my doubts that any of these serums really ‘do what they say on the tin’ and b) the slightly prohibitive price (£125), okay very prohibitive price that made experimenting an expensive gamble.

So when M2 Beauté were looking for journalists to trial their Eyelash Activating Serum I was right there at the front of the queue.

The tube of serum is shaped like an eyeliner and is applied in the same way once a day. Then just wait for about four weeks and hey-presto super long, luscious lashes – the sort I thought I could never achieve without falsies.

So what is the magic formula? I tried to find out but was stone-walled with just;

“when applied daily, (it) supports the healthy function of the hair follicle by assuring a balance lip environment for the follicles natural growth cycle.” 

Yada, yada, yada! I guess this is one secret M2 Beauté are not going to divulge.

Anyway back to my sunglasses problem – anyone got any ideas?

Find M2 Beauté at Harrods.com.