Magic “cellulite pants”: part 1



Cellulite fighting magic shorts: Macom Hotpants Cellulite fighting magic shorts: Macom Hotpants

Anyone who knows me well would have no doubt that I’d jump at the chance to try a pair of new-fangled cellulite- whittling hotpants. Just pop on some shorts and lose some extra inches? What woman wouldn’t?

However, hesitate I did. The memory of eight of so years ago when a friend and I eagerly ordered some ‘pants’ that guaranteed to help you shed the pounds came to mind. The white, thick, netted-nylon surgical-looking garments went down to our knees and up to our waists where they gripped with a mean and vicious piece of elastic. Worse, they took about fifteen minutes to squeeze into and the same to get out. Going to the loo required as much effort as a half hour workout, which, thinking about it is probably how they were supposed to work. Needless to say, neither of us found that out as we both gave up on the hideous, torture-wear long before any figure benefits could be perceived.

However I was promised that Macom Crystal Smooth Hotpants are made of a smooth and silky fine fibre called Emana which basically helps improve micro-circulation in the skin surface layer. Macom are the company famous for producing compression garments that are essential after procedures such as liposuction and tummy tucks. Built-in bioactive crystals in the fabric absorb body heat and return it in the form of infrared rays which penetrate the skin and basically result in improved collagen synthesis and younger, healthier skin. Just wear for a minimum of six hours a day and Bob’s your uncle.

I considered ordering the High Waist Cycling Shorts, so I could get some ‘tummy action’ too but my experience with over–the-tummy shapewear is that they annoyingly roll down and settle in an ever-tightening band around the waist so I opted for the Low Waist Cycling Shorts . I needn’t have worried, the medium size I ordered, bearing in mind I’m a good size 12, came up extremely big and they actually pulled up and up and up all the way to about two inches below my bra strap. (I did wonder what I would have done had I ordered the high-waist variety. Maybe I could have hauled them up right over my boobs and held them up with those clip-on bra strap things. What a thought.).

Anyway so far, so good. There’s no doubt these shorts are comfortable. They’re so fine you barely know you’re wearing them and best of all they don’t bulk you out under your clothes, so wearing them for the requisite six hours a day was a breeze, although so fine was the material I wasn’t comfortable wearing them to the gym without a pair of regular gym pants over the top.

In fact the only problem I had while wearing them was the washing. As is so often the case with these sort of garments they need to be hand washed and at an eye-watering £80 a pair (gulp), I wasn’t going to invest in a second pair.  I vowed to rinse them out each night when I went to bed as they dry quickly and easily. However like so many good intentions after a few weeks, life got in the way and some evenings I was just too shattered to do anything other than brush my teeth and remove my make-up before my duvet beckoned, so there were inevitably several days when I was faced with either wearing them for a second day unwashed or just miss a day. One idea of course, would be to wear a small thong so that the magic crystals can still work on bottom cellulite but the shorts could be worn for a couple of days without washing.

So, do they work? Well, I don’t spend much time analysing my figure in the mirror, and sadly I’m not aware of losing any inches. However, my skin is lovely and soft and definitely smoother. I’m going to keep on wearing them in the hope that they’re continuing to work on the dreaded fat bumps. They’re a great addition to a pre-summer diet and exercise regime, as let’s face it that piece of chocolate cake  won’t look nearly so attractive when you think of the £80 you’ve spent on them,  so either way your thighs and butt are going to benefit.