Cellulite-busters: Germaine de Capuccini's compression shorts, plus firming lotion

 Yesterday, Karen (who works with me) reported on trying out Macom Crystal Smooth Cycling Shorts. HERE

Today, here’s how I got on with Germaine de Capuccini’s Fitness Partner slimming shorts.

‘Help you drop a dress size with no dieting’, proclaimed the press release for this new pair of magic slimming shorts which provoked a kind of Pavlovian reaction. Even though I’ve been writing about products that promise miracles ever since I started work and have yet to find one that performs as billed, I live in hope, so before I knew it I had requested a sample and was gleefully anticipating pleasing results. So while Karen was waltzing about in her lightweight Macom shorts (yesterday’s post), I was wriggling myself into a pair of the new ‘Fitness Partner Slim’ shorts from Germaine de Capuccini and wore them every day (and quite a few nights, for good measure) for six weeks. 

Again, these new magic pants aren’t just about holding in your wobbly bits, though they are so strong and tightly woven that they do that very effectively and were great as shapewear; they’re actively claiming to slim said wobbly bits down. I liked the fact that they came packaged with a ‘sculpting lotion’ which boasts a ‘unique formula of medicinal plants proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite’. I tend to think that no single remedy or treatment or garment is able to make much difference to cellulite. Really, if you want to tackle the stuff, you need to look at every possible factor from diet and lifestyle to exercise and skincare and lymphatic massage… but at least, here are two things that work together nicely. 

The Fitness Parter Pro Fit shorts are, I’m told, specifically designed to sculpt and slim the legs, thighs and buttocks. They’re long-line (ie, down to mid-thigh), stretchy and so high-waisted that they came right up to my bra-strap (I’m 5ft 9in, so it wasn’t that I’d got the wrong size).

They’re also so extremely snug that wearing them for hours on end sometimes became a bit off-puttingly exhausting especially when I had crammed them on under my jeans; they would roll down from my ribs and start to rub around the tummy, and made it that bit more difficult to bend down. In fact it was far easier to wear them overnight in order to be sure to notch up the requisite eight-hours-plus a day.  

Anyway, I wore them diligently, and used the lotion morning and evening (it’s very nice, with a light fresh smell and sinks in well) and had high hopes but, as usual, ended up a bit disappointed.  

On the plus side, this regime made a noticeable improvement in the texture and consistency of my skin, which made the cellulite-y bits look much better. My skin felt lovely and soft, and also smoother and less dimpled. But alas, they made no discernible to my measurements; I didn’t shrink miraculously or find my jeans getting loose or, for that matter, lose any weight (until I moved onto a high fat diet and high-intensity exercise programme, of which more another time).

So. Should you buy them? They didn’t live up to their ‘drop-a-dress-size’ promise for me, but would they work for you? I think you know the answer. 

Fitness Partner Slim, £85,