posted by Karen Heath



Brush yourself beautiful: Magnitone Pulsar

What is it?  It’s a electric cleansing brush for face and body which promises to give you smoother, clearer-looking skin within seven days. It’s waterproof, so you can use it in the shower, and it costs £65 at Boots and

What’s the USP? It’s been designed with Active Electromagnetic Technology which provides a massive 15,000 rotational oscillations per minute. It has four cleansing modes; deep clean, exfoliate, sensitive and pulse lift massage which cleanses as it stimulates and massages the skin to improve blood circulation – a serious bonus for ageing skin or skin just needing a boost. Tests have also shown that as well as thoroughly cleansing and exfoliating skin, this little gem of a gadget can also help increase collagen, tighten and firm, improve fine lines, wrinkles and the appearance of pore as well as preparing the skin for the better absorption of serum and moisturisers.


Why the name? After its high-tech specifications, one of which is a ‘pulsing’ mode, for an extra cleansing boost. 

How new is it? Launched earlier this year.   

I’d try… being a bit more careful than I was
 when filled with excitement at the thought of my soon-to-be squeaky clean, rejuvenated skin… and I went and scrubbed my face with the same gusto I normally save for tackling my front door step with a stiff brush. It was too much for even my normally super-tolerant skin.  Instead you should start on the sensitive setting and gently glide the brush over your skin with your regular facial cleanser. I’ve tried using it as a body-cleansing brush too but the body-brush head is just a bit too small and I rarely have the patience to use it over my whole body. Generally though this is a fantastic addition to anyone’s beauty arsenal and for anyone who hasn’t already invested in and become hooked on the Clarisonic cleansing brush (well over £100) or the Phillips VisaPure face cleansing brush (£95), it’s clearly a bargain.