Margaret Dabbs – Fabulous Hands


Margaret Dabbs –  Fabulous Hands

Fabulous Hands: Margaret Dabbs' new hand-care range


Clever Margaret Dabbs. Not only has she almost single-handedly made the medical pedicure a fashionable must-have over the past 15 years and established her own range of super-effective footcare products that are a treat to use… she is now launching a ‘Fabulous Hands; a premium hand-care range. The products all have a bunch of hardworking ingredients including the emu oil that Margaret loves (very hydrating as it’s full of essential fatty acids, and it’s anti-inflammatory, to boot)  and they smell delicious – a light, orangey blend of geranium and mandarin.


There’s a super-lightweight Hand Serum (£30) with ingredients to tackle dryness, loss of skin elasticity and dark spots, and a hand-sanitizer (£26) that moisturises rather than drying hands out.


“It’s all about repairing and hydrate skin, to turn back the time for your hands,’ says Margaret. ‘We already offer manicure treatments alongside our pedicures, so it made sense to have specific hand products, too.


Cleverest of all is the Finishing Spray (£22) – a SPF hand-protector that spritzes lightly just onto the backs of hands where it is needed. ‘I didn’t want to compromise the texture of the products by adding SPF into it,’ Margaret explains, ‘so we have a finishing spray to use afterwards.’


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