Eye-eye, ducky: Mazorin




What’s the USP? Clever range of hardworking skincare for the hard-pressed modern male.


Hero product? Liquid Asset: Working Late Eye Serum, a light serum designed to tackle dark circles, and with a rollerball tip to smooth away puffiness brought on by long hours at the screen or long flights. Or long hours at the bar.


Why the name? The founders of the brand are both 30-something Italians living in London and in Friulano [a language spoken in the Friuli area of north-eastern Italy, where one of the founders was born and where the brand’s labs are located, honestly, I’m not making this up], Mazorin means ‘Mallard’. As in the duck. Why? Because a mallard rarely rests (he’s a workaholic), coexists with nature and urban environments and the male looks a right dandy.  So now you know.  

How new is it? Just launched    

I’d try…? The eye stuff is good, though I also love the idea of the Liquid Asset Pre Meeting Face Revamp – a little pocketable sachet of serum to be slapped on when the office aircon has drained the life from your skin. Or the Face Value moisturiser, which has a light, manly scent. It’s all well put-together, with plenty of know-how and a sense of humour, and costs between £19 and £35, at Fenwicks in London and