Fabulous fragrances, truly memorable: MEMO


What is it?   Paris-based fragrance brand created by John and Clara Molly. 

What’s the USP? The fragrances, developed by brilliant ‘nose’ Alienor Massenet, are based on the memories evoked by particular places (‘the journey is the destination’ announces the website, which is a typically oblique, perfumey thing to say, but I know what they mean). 


Hero product? They’re all heroes if you ask me. What I’ve been having immense fun playing with is the Enchantillons discovery set (10 euros for eight, 2ml samples, which seems a bargain to me, and which gives you a chance to explore the fragrances all properly — which you might need to do before you buy, given that they cost around £100 a bottle at Harvey Nichols. Which might you prefer? It’s such a personal thing… Over the past week, I’ve been captivated by  Irish Leather (fresh, with greenish top notes – pink pepper, clary sage, juniper berry, Mate –  and a deep leathery dry-down softened by a hint of tonka bean), blown away by Luxor Oud  (a classic oud lightened up, in its early stages, with a touch of mandarin, patchouli and rockrose absolute) but am most in love with Italian Leather which is just fabulously, powerfully, almost intolerably leathery  and as such, irresistible. (At least to my nose. My dog begs to differ.) 


Why the name? Because of the memories of a place that fragrance can evoke

How new is it? The brand launched in France in 2007, and has been in Harvey Nichols for a couple of years. 

I’d try them… one by one. There is bound to be one with your name on it.