Murumaya Cleaning BalmWhat is it? ‘Integrative, effective skincare’, conceived, nurtured and brought into being by Maleka Dattu who has spent her whole career building luxury beauty brands, so little escapes her when it comes to products and ingredients. 
What’s the USP? What she’s done is make a super-intelligent combination of ingredients, mixing high-quality naturals with the latest actives in a selection of products that make skin look good right away, tackle pigmentation and wrinkling, and protect it against future ageing. They smell fab, too – aromatic and more-ish.
Hero products The Melting Cleansing Balm (£14.50), which softens to a masssageable oil on the skin, then emulsifies and rinses away when you add water, and the Iconic Youth Serum (£34.50), which is packed with 10 active ingredients to improve the skin.
Why the name? It’s made up using the first two letters from founder Maleka’s name, along with the first two letters of her father, mother and sister’s names. (The whole thing, she says, is the name that her father would have named his business, had he been able to pursue that dream).
How new is it? Just launched at John Lewis. For more details, see
I’d try…? the ‘Tease me, please me’ Taster Set of five mini-products, £24.50