Skin miracles? the Transformer

What is it? A concise range of face and body products with bold-as-brass claims from a New York cosmetics executive. 

What’s the USP? 15 seconds to perfect skin – via a super-sophisticated tinted moisturiser.


Hero product? The Miracle Skin Transformer SPF20 Face (£38), a ‘multifunctional tinted skin enhancer designed to hydrate, prime, enhance, control shine and protect skin’ all in one go.

Why the name? Because skincare whizz Sarah McNamara who’s behind the products sure knows how to grab our attention.

How new is it? It launched in the States in 2010 and has just made its debut over here in Selfridges.

I’d try…? that face product. It’s a cut above most BBs and somehow manages to hydrate, smooth, prime and mattify the skin all in one go.