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Do you remember your first tweakment?

By Georgia Seago
9th March 2022

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I certainly remember the first time I had toxins, about 20 years ago – because it wasn’t an unqualified success.

I went, on my way in to work, to a very well-known practitioner who didn’t warn me that I’d be leaving his clinic 20 minutes later with several red injection marks across the middle of my forehead (nor that they were only temporary), nor did he ask what sort of result I was after. Admittedly, back then, doctors just looked for lines and either froze them or filled them.

I’d forgotten my makeup bag so had to quickly buy foundation to cover the bumps – but even worse was the realisation a week later, as the toxin settled in, that he had completely immobilised my forehead. I couldn’t lift my brows or frown and I couldn’t stand it – it looked so strange and fake. So, my next appointment was with my hairdresser who laughed and laughed (he had been having toxin for years) and cut me a fringe to hide the evidence for the next few months til my face regained its usual pattern of movement.

It was years before I risked trying toxin again (of course I went back to it. My frown lines weren’t going to soften of their own accord). And the next time, I explained what I was after, to someone who listened, and assessed my face properly before treatment.

Nowadays, good practitioners are much more subtle with toxin. They aim to soften, rather than to freeze, with micro doses, or ‘baby toxins’, and tackle all areas of muscle imbalance, rather than just the offending lines on our foreheads. Who would I recommend? Any of the practitioners listed on this site.


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