For thicker hair: Nanogen


What is it? New range of haircare for fuller, healthier hair.  

What’s the USP? Scientifically proven range of products that use high-tech growth factors to deliver instantly thicker, smoother hair and long-term healthy hair growth.


Hero product? The Nanogen Treatment Serum (£29.95 at Boots and, which contains growth factors – identical copies of the body’s own hair-growth signals —  that encourage healthy hair growth. In consumer trials, 88% of the women who tried it saw noticeable hair thickening within a month, and and further clinical trials showed that Nanogen improved hair growth 237% more than the previous best treatment, which was used as a control. 


Why the name? Because it sounds suitably high tech – not because it contains nanoparticles of anything (it doesn’t).  

How new is it? Launched a couple of months ago.   

Not one for me to try… because lack of hair volume isn’t one of my problems – but I’d love to hear from people who have tried this.