Time to brush up!

What is it?  A British cosmetics accessory brand supplying brushes, cases, bags, eye lash curlers and sponges.

What’s the USP?  The aim of the brand is to make high quality cosmetic accessories available to everyone using cruelty-free and vegan raw materials. 


Hero product? The 7-piece eye brush set (£29.99, which has everything you could want for the perfect ‘eye’ – from smoky to natural or sophisticated to street. The brushes are hand-crafted using anti-bacterial synthetic bristles that are easy to keep clean and are selected for their density and firmness. Check out the particularly clever Precise Bent Eyeliner brush.


Why the name? In their own words: “It hasn’t got any specific meaning. During brainstorming it just popped out, we liked it and decided to use it”.



How new is it? They launched in December 2012.