Deep cleanser for your scalp: Purify, from Napura

What is it?  Professional-standard, ‘spa-care’ for hair and scalp.

What’s the USP?  Naturally inspired, ‘scientifically formulated’ (well, yes, I’d hope so) products with specific ranges to treat specific hair issues. 


Hero product?  I’m told the standout ranges are Stamigen (shampoo, £18), which is described as an anti-ageing shampoo, designed to optimise hair and scalp health, and Purify, which is for scalp-detoxing. The key product in the Purify range is the ‘Pre’ hair health treatment, which is alarmingly  (or reassuringly, depending on your bank balance and your point of view) priced at £60. Why would you want to use this? Because, says the brand, many scalp problems can be traced back to a build-up of (unspecified) ‘toxins’, and using this pre-shampoo treatment occasionally will remove these impurities from the hair and the scalp, restore elasticity to hair, and improve the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the follicles. Wow. 


How new is it? Just launched into the UK and available through the new beauty website,