Stem-cell wizardry: NeoStem Serum



What’s the USP? High-tech French skincare developed as an offshoot of research into  Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria (a syndrome which causes children to prematurely age).


Hero product? It’s just called ‘Sérum’ and it’s designed to tackle any tendency to accelerate ageing in the skin. Key ingredients include Omega Statine, which restrains the production of proteins (progerins) that speed up the ageing process. £59 at selected Marks & Spencer branches.


Why the name? An indication of how serious the company behind it is about stem-cell research.  

How new is it? Launched in the UK last autumn.   

I’d try it, for sure It’s 
quite a thick, creamy serum with no trace of fragrance and it vanishes into skin, making it feel instantly more smooth and supple. But even better is the reassurance of many studies that have been conducted on the stuff, which show that if you use it for three months, it will reduce wrinkles noticeably and boost collagen production into the bargain.