Repair your skin's DNA: Neova

What is it?  A ‘groundbreaking’ new skin serum from the USA which might just live up to its billing because… 

What’s the USP? …it combines three DNA-repairing enzymes to decrease the visible signs of UV-induced skin damage by 96 per cent in four weeks. Which is little short of amazing. The formula contains copper peptides (very now, very clever, as part of a delivery system that helps the skin towards optimum health) and ingredients that help protect the skin against sun damage. Particularly crafty is the use of a plankton extract which uses visible light (the stuff that’s usually causing the damage) to repair the damage caused by ultraviolet light on the skin. 


Why the name? Because it’s so new and novel. 

How new is it? Just launched online in the UK (it’s £79 at and from 6th January, will be exclusively available at Selfridges.   

I’d try… it at once if I weren’t in the middle of another particular skincare regime. But I’m stashing it in the cupboard for future testing.