What is it? organic skincare developed by the formidably talented Dr Pauline Hili, who for 20 years was technical director for Neals Yard Remedies (so there’s not much about this area of skincare and product formulation that she doesn’t know) and the range includes plenty of innovative formulas.

What is the USP?  Skincare designed to take account of your lifestyle and your environment, as well as your skintype (think about it. What you need depends on not just what you skin is like, but on how it’s behaving, and what you’re putting it through.) Products are aimed at genetic skin type and lifestyle; the idea is that you adapt your regime depending on how what your skin needs.


Nourish Golden Glow Toning Soufflé

What’s the hero product? They’d probably say the Argan Skin Rescue (£18.95) which boasts a patent pending anti-irritation complex, though personally, I’m hooked on their Golden Glow Toning Souffle (£24.95) which I’ve been slathering it on my arms and décolleté whenever I’ve needed to wear a sleeveless dress. It’s a light and lightly-scented body cream which moisturises and gives skin a lovely golden gleam (too much, and you look gilded, so don’t overdo it).

Why the name? Because that’s what the products are designed to do for your skin…

How new is the brand? It’s just had its first birthday.

 I’d go for one of the mini kits for £24.95 at or, to see how you get on with.