A sea of goodness.

What is it and what’s the USP?   It’s a body and skin care range by Julie Uttley based on sea minerals and essential oils. The idea for the range came about after Julie went swimming in the sea near her home late one afternoon and feeling totally rejuvenated decided to set about planning a range of skin care products based on sea water that would have similar uplifting and skin-softening benefits.  Sea minerals are combined with gentle cleansing and conditioning agents and then essential oils are added for their fragrance and therapeutic benefits and also to uplift the spirits. The range consists of 12 products which are organised into four collection and identified by their own natural fragrance.



Hero product? The Awaken Body Scrub (£24, ochrebodyandskin.com) a blend of black pepper and lemon oils intended to create a therapeutic experience in your own bathroom.  


Why the name? Ochre is meant to be one of the oldest beauty ingredients known. It’s a naturally occurring pigment that was probably used as long as 200 thousand years ago when it was mixed with animal fat and applied as moisturising sun-protection in harsh climates, which proves that even then people were making the most of their knowledge and environment to create effective skin care and to look after their bodies. This is the basis of Ochre’s philosophy too.


I’d try…  One of the body lotions, maybe. I rather got off on the wrong foot with the Awaken Body Scrub as its aromatic oils were seeping out of the packaging by the time it arrived, so I wasn’t best pleased with it. It’s a nice scrub, though quite thick-feeling with the almond oil, which I always find makes products a fraction gluey on the skin, though it’s great for a quick fix when you don’t want to bother with using body lotion after the shower. And the smell, while lively and different, wasn’t my favourite. The Cherish Body Lotion — with Cedarwood and Patchouli — is much more my sort of thing. 


How new is it? It launched in the UK in December 2013.