South African natural and organic skincare.

What is it?   It’s a range of baby and body products using natural and organic raw ingredients by South-African sisters Christine Buchanan and Louisa Rademan.  


Both sisters were brought up in a family that valued green and organic products but when Christine was expecting her first child she was concerned that she couldn’t easily find natural products. The result was oh-lief’s complete range of natural body products, made from natural and organic, raw ingredients. Christine says, “From ancient times extra virgin olive oil has been used as a way to moisturise and help rejuvenate skin and Beeswax acts as a protective barrier and natural preservative. These form the base for our products which is then combined with the natural properties of a number of other organic ingredients to form a complete range of products that is ideal for all skin types.”


The name refers to extra virgin olive oil (‘Olyf’ in Afrikaans) as well as their love (‘Lief’ in Afrikaans) for all things natural.


Launched initially in Cape Town in 2010, it has only recently reached our shores. Prices start from £7.99 for an Olive Insect Balm in the baby range, from ohlief.co.uk.