Real results from powerful Oleic Acid

What is it and what’s the USP? It’s a brand of natural skincare and anti-ageing products by Yinka Thomas, a registered nutrionist and holistic skincare specialist. Yinka believes in a simple but effective skincare, relying on nutrition as much as what you put on your skin.  At the time of writing the range only consists of two products; a facial oil and skin supplement but a few new products are about to be launched including a serum and cleansing bar. Yinka also recommends a diet that reduces inflammation and builds collagen for clear, firm and supple skin (and general good health).



Hero product? The Oleicia Oil (£27.50, skinfirma.com) a lovely, lightweight oil which both cleanses and moisturises. Yinka believes in using oils instead of soaps, detergents or water-based products. Rich in Oleic acid,  which is anti-inflammatory and helps the keep the cell membrane soft and protect it against damage from free radicals and also a super moisturiser, this facial oil is said to even out the skin’s colour, increase smoothness and radiance and soften fine line, scarring and enlarged pores.



Why the name? It’s from Oleic Acid.


How new is it? Launched this year.