Kiwi luxury products for perfect pampering.


What is it? 

A luxurious new skin care range combining a high percentage of Moroccan Argan Oil, produced by the Berber Tribe Women, and naturally occurring organic ingredients from around the globe.


Hero product? 

Argan Body Scrub Revive (£36.90, oranaturals.co.uk), a sugar based scrub with organic Argan Oil combined with Grapefruit , Red Mandarin and Lemongrass essential oils.



Why the name? 

Co-Founder Natasha King is from New Zealand and “ORA” comes directly from the New Zealand Maori Language meaning health and vitality.


How new is it? 
It launched in January 2013

I’d try… The Revive Bath Oil, (£33.80) which despite smelling suspiciously like insect repellent in the bottle (probably due to its large lemongrass content), feels very luxurious and special in the bath, is both uplifting and energising and leaves skin nourished and moisturised.