What is it?  A bespoke skincare range with an interesting story behind it. At 22 years of age Italian beauty Cià Gabriella Manès was in a horrifying accident suffering third degree facial burns that left her skin with scars, hyperpigmentation, red spots and premature ageing. Finding herself sensitive to commercial products and unable to cope with the side-effects of medical products, she set about using her extensive science background to find a solution. Using herself as a guinea pig she eventually formulated a serum that healed her skin so beautifully that she started receiving compliments.

What’s the USP? All the serums are personalised to give each client an exact product for their needs and tackle everything from acne, burns, rosacea, sagging skin and wrinkles. Clients fill in a questionnaire and sends a photo to Cià, who will then mix the most effective product for them.


Hero product? The base serum 424 (from £100, email Cià at, however once mixed with other serums the number will vary, so Cià can remember the exact recipe for the client when they reorder.


Why the name? It mean ‘For Cià’ in Italian.

How new is it? Cià started selling to the UK market last year.