Phylia de M Connect HR

What is it? Very special (and rather expensive) haircare to help nurture damaged, thinning hair back to health. 


What’s the USP? Developed by Japanese oncologist Dr Dick Miyayama MD, who is the godfather of Phylia founder, Kazu Namise. The secret lies in the blend of nourishing aloe, reparative tannic acid and detoxifying fulvic acid. With age, stress and environmental factors affecting the capillaries along the scalp, Phylia works to restore healthy nerve-to-follicle connections, encourage cell renewal and allow keratin to be carried into the hair again.


Hero product?  The Connect Spray (£45, which is described graphically (if rather unglamorously) as ‘fertilizer for your hair’. It’s a spray-on, leave-in treatment  ambitiously designed to ‘detox the nerves’, heal the skin and scalp and fortify the existing hair.


How new is it? It launched in 2011, and has been getting consistently good reviews every since; a new ‘Re-Connect’ version is out just now. 

Why the name?  
The products themselves are the philosophy, and the name is about founder Kazu’s love for the philosophy and the science of her godfather, so the name Phylia is the ideas of love and philosophy rolled into one. The “de M.” is very sentimental for Kazu – her godmother signs her name first and then “de M.” which is shorthand for “Miyayama”, which is her godfather’s surname. So for Kazu it says, ‘this is from my family’.