Orange of Grapefruit to ease into Autumn.

What is it? The company describes itself as a “contemporary take on a general store with… elegant country look but in a timeless style” and if that means super-stylish website shop full of to-die-for leather goods, covetable items for your home and your dog, along with luxurious apothecary section… then they are spot on.


What’s the USP? Apothecary-style products, and make in the UK.


Hero product? The Orange & Grapefruit candle (£24, which is the perfect scent for long Autumn nights.


Why the name? As founder Vicky Whyte  says, “Being a Victoria, my nickname as a child was naturally Plum, while the name Ashby comes from ‘Castle Ashby’ where I grew up. Castle Ashby is a beautiful country estate with the most magical gardens. I have lots of lovely memories of having childhood picnics in the grounds and playing hide and seek with my brother in the ancient hedges.”


How new is it? 
It launched in February 2013. 

I’d try… Oh everything, EVERYTHING! Including their achingly adorable fox terrier they use as a logo and to ‘model’ in some of the shots. But if you can get yourself past the gorgeous Knitted Terrier Cushion (£150) and the butter-soft leather pouches (£45) then the French made Bath Salts (£18) include lavender and promise a relaxing and moisturising bath.