PMD (Personal Microderm)


PMD (Personal Microderm)



Radiance revealed: Personal MicroDermabrasion device

What is it?   A home-use micro-dermabrasion device   

What’s the USP?  It combines deep exfoliation with vacuum suction for salon-style results, sloughing off dead cells and revealing fresher, brighter skin beneath. 


How new is it? It launched exclusively in Harrods last year but is now (since February) more widely available through the website, for £150.

I’d try… 
it with caution. I haven’t tried it, so don’t know how easy it is to use but am told it is so very popular in the USA that it is overtaking sales of the Clarisonic cleansing brush (which tends to set the trends for home-use devices). But bear in mind that your skin does not need massive amounts of exfoliation and it’s easy to overdo it.