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Price Awareness: Injectable moisturisers

By Georgia Seago
14th April 2022

Welcome to Price Awareness – our new series where we break down the actual cost of tweakments so you can figure out which options are financially viable for you to invest in.

Injectable moisturisers, also known as ‘skin boosters’,  have gained huge popularity since they were introduced into the aesthetics market a decade ago. These injectable skin-conditioning treatments can work wonders to refresh and rejuvenate all over the face, neck and even the body (popular brand Profhilo recently released treatment protocols for the body).

Though Profhilo is the most well-known in this category, there are many more brilliant products on the market, each with their own skin-boosting credentials. The products themselves are a runny type of gel, usually formed primarily of skin-loving hyaluronic acid, some also harness other great ingredients like antioxidants, amino acids, minerals and vitamins that give your skin the ability to rebuild itself from within, and give it more bounce and glow.

Injected just below the surface of the skin, injectable moisturisers are a great non-invasive option for so many common aesthetic concerns – like sun damage, loss of elasticity, thin skin, crepiness, fine lines and wrinkles, and dehydration – but how much will this treatment set you back, and does it fit into your budget?

What influences the cost of injectable moisturiser treatment?

As with any tweakment, price varies depending on a few things. For injectable moisturisers, these will be:

  • Treatment area – How big an area are you wanting to treat? Just the face, just the neck, or both? On the body, it’s the same – what’s the size of the area and number of areas that you’d like to focus on?
  • Practitioner’s product of choice These include Profhilo, Teosyal Redensity 1, Juvederm Volite, Restylane Skinboosters, Belotero Revive, Sunekos, and Juvenus, to name the most popular.
  • Practitioner’s experience A practitioner who is new to injectable moisturisers or trialing a new brand in their clinic may offer an introductory discount, but bear in mind that this probably means they don’t have loads of experience with the product. Having said that, injectable moisturisers don’t need complicated injection techniques, so they’re not likely to go wrong.
  • Location Those of us in the capital will always pay a premium on just about anything, tweakments included. If you live somewhere where the cost of living is generally lower, the price of tweakments is likely to be lower, too.
  • How many treatments you’ll need With most injectable moisturisers, for optimum results, you’ll have one round of injections followed by another around four-to-six weeks later, though some brands’ treatment protocols only call for one session, while some need four.
  • Initial condition of the skin – If your skin is very dry, or on the older side, it will take more treatments to see an effect.
  • How many injections does each treatment involve?  – Ok, so this doesn’t affect the cost, but it does affect how long each treatment takes, and it may affect how often you want to do it. We suspect that one of the big attractions of Profhilo for a great many of its fans is the fact that it only takes 5 injections on either side of the face to get the product into the skin, whereas other brands require scores and scores of tiny, prinprick injections.
  • Ongoing maintenance – You can expect results from injectable moisturisers to last for six-nine months, depending on the brand, so this is a treatment you’ll be looking at repeating around twice a year if you want to maintain the effects.

How much does injectable moisturiser treatment cost?

With all these factors considered, expect to pay between £250-£400 for each individual treatment session. Depending on the brand you go for, you’ll be looking at between 2 and 4 treatment sessions per year (generally speaking, the protocols that charge more per individual session will require you to have fewer treatments).

So, you’re looking at between £1,200 and £1,600 per year in total for your injectable moisturiser treatments.


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