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Price Awareness: Lip filler

By Georgia Seago
21st July 2022

I’d hazard a guess that lips are probably still the area most injected with dermal filler across the board, at least in the UK. But with the treatment being so hugely popular, it’s even more important to be aware of how much it should cost if it’s done safely and properly, as opposed to being driven by finding the cheapest price possible.

This is because there are no laws around who can perform filler treatments in the UK, so unfortunately there are a lot of people doing it who shouldn’t, and they tend to especially try to appeal to the demographic most likely to be interested in getting their lips filled – young women in their twenties who are often driven by price.

The key message here is to only get your lips done if you can afford to pay for the years of medical training, patient experience and high-quality products that go into providing a safe treatment and an outcome you’re happy with.

What influences the cost of lip filler treatment?

As with any tweakment, several factors affect the price. For lip filler treatment, these will be:

  • Your natural lips – The shape, size and anatomical structure of your lips will dictate how much filler will be used and where it is placed.
  • What you want to achieve – Do you want more volume, a more defined lip border and Cupid’s Bow, or do you just want to create more balance between the top and bottom lips? Again, this will affect how much and which type of filler product is used.
  • Practitioner’s product of choice  Each practitioner will have their personal preference when it comes to which brand of filler they use. This will usually be to do with its safety profile, performance, longevity, and patient feedback; but can also be influenced by price. Keep in mind that a more expensive product will mean a more expensive treatment for you, but it really isn’t worth taking the risk on a cheaper, sub-par filler.
  • Practitioner’s experience  A practitioner who is well known for their lip treatments and in high demand for this in particular, may charge more for it than another practitioner who is a bit more of an all-rounder. You don’t have to go to the queen or king of lips to get a great result – just make sure you see someone medical, reputable and experienced.
  • Location  Those of us in the capital will always pay a premium on just about anything, tweakments included. If you live somewhere where the cost of living is generally lower, the price of tweakments is likely to be lower, too.
  • How often you’ll want to repeat – Lip filler generally lasts for around six months, but this depends on how much was injected and what your metabolism is like at breaking it down, so it’s dependent on the individual. Whether or not your practitioner would inject more filler before the first lot has gone will depend on how much you had injected in the first place and what your lips look like.

How much does lip filler treatment cost?

It’s difficult to give an accurate idea of the cost of lip filler because there are so many variables, as you can see. But on balance, expect to pay around £300 for your lip filler, give or take between £100-£200, depending mainly on practitioner, how much product you have injected, and location. If you were to repeat the treatment after the usual six-month longevity period, you’d be paying roughly £600 a year.


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