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Price Awareness: RF microneedling

By Georgia Seago
17th August 2022

Patients and practitioners alike are still mad for radiofrequency microneedling thanks to its skin many skin-rejuvenating capabilities, minimal downtime, and great results – plus, it’s safe for all skin tones.

It all kicked off with Morpheus8, but many similar devices have since launched onto the market, so prices have become more competitive. So whether you’re considering RF microneedling to tighten up your jowls, smooth under-eye wrinkles or just give your face a hand with collagen stimulation for fresher, rejuvenated skin, you need to know how much it’s going to cost.

What influences the cost of RF microneedling?

As with any tweakment, several factors affect the price. For RF microneedling, these will be:

  • What you want to target – Is it overall skin rejuvenation, deep collagen contraction to smooth out hard-set wrinkles, or a tighter jawline that you’re after? RF microneedling has a lot of applications and some practitioners may price their treatments depending on the size of the treatment area.
  • Practitioner’s device of choice  As mentioned, Morpheus8 isn’t your only option for RF needling. There are many other brilliant devices on the market now and every practitioner will have their reasons for choosing the one they use. The cost to you as a patient shouldn’t vary too much for this reason, but it could be a factor if you go for a practitioner who uses a device with a lot of marketing hype around it (like Morpheus8). Do some research into competitor devices and ask practitioners for their thoughts on the different options, and why they use the one they do.
  • Practitioner’s experience  A practitioner who was one of the first to start doing RF microneedling treatments in the UK may well charge more than others, simply because they’ll have the most experience performing the treatment and probably benefitted from the initial buzz, making them feel justified in bumping their prices up. This could also apply if they’re what we call a Key Opinion Leader for the brand behind the RF microneedling device they use. This basically means they’re a sort of brand ambassador and are considered one of the best practitioners in the country for their work and training with the device in question.
  • Location  Those of us in the capital will always pay a premium on just about anything, tweakments included. If you live somewhere where the cost of living is generally lower, the price of tweakments is likely to be lower, too.
  • How many treatments you’ll need – Depending on your own face and desired results, RF microneedling generally needs to be done around four times spaced between three to eight weeks apart. It can take three to six months to see results and some practitioners will recommend you have extra treatments or a one-off top-up every year or so.

How much does RF microneedling cost?

All things considered, expect to pay at least £600 per RF microneedling treatment for a full face. Smaller or individual areas will be cheaper. If you were to have the standard course of four treatments, you’d be paying around £2,400 – though many clinics have a discount on a course of treatment.


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