PRP under the eyes with Dr Kambiz Golchin

If you’ve heard of PRP, you may know it as the key ingredient in ‘the Vampire Facial’. PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, and it is obtained from a sample of your own blood, and is reinjected into the part of the skin that needs rejuvenation.

Why? Because it releases growth factors which help boost the skin.

What most people don’t know is that it can work a treat to improve the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, as Dr Kambiz Golchin explains.

Transcript from video

AHD: Dr Golchin,  you’ve got a really innovative way of tackling dark circles, haven’t you?

DKG: I do Alice, this is such a difficult area because it’s often a combination of different issues, there’s the dark circles, the hollowness, often that is a result of pigmentation or in some patients this is something that runs in their family and they’ve always had those dark circles.

AHD: And what are you treating the dark circles with?

DKG: We have lots of different ways of treating dark circles depending on what’s the actual aetiology or the cause.

So, for example we can treat pigmentation, or we can replace the volume loss with injections of fillers or fat. However, for dark circles one of the best treatments is PRP, which stands for platelet rich plasma.

PRP is something that you extract from someone’s own blood, so it’s a completely natural — and organic, for lack of a better word — process where we take blood and separate out the blood cells, concentrate the platelets, and then we use a super concentrated platelet formulation to treat this area.

AHD: So, this involves lots of tiny injections under the eyes?

DKG: It can, but it can often be done using a special cannula, and we can do it in one singular injection.

AHD: So that would mean less bruising?

DKG: Correct.

AHD: So, what does the patient look like immediately after treatment?

DKG: Well there is going to be some swelling for a day or two which will settle down quite quickly.

AHD: And then what kind of results can people expect?

DKG: The results are going to be gradual, and don’t forget this is a biological treatment, so it’s going to take time for the body to respond to this treatment. It can take a few months, but you normally see a gradual lessening of that darkness, and a little bit more plumpness of the area, which actually gives you that little bit of extra volume.

AHD: And your patients are obviously finding this beneficial?

DKG: Correct.

AHD: Sounds terrific, thank you Dr Golchin.